Bags of Love

Founded in 2013, Bags of Love is a charity project created and facilitated by Merino Kids, to #sharethelove and help raise awareness and support for vulnerable babies and families in our community.  We are passionate about this initiative and so proud of the positive impact it has made on thousands of babies. You too can help!

Simply donate your pre-loved baby sleep bag (any brand) or make a financial donation at checkout. 100% of the proceeds go towards brand new Go Go Bags, which along with Go Go Bags donated by Merino Kids are then distributed to a babies most in need. It really does take a village to raise a baby!

The Nest Collective



The Nest Collective are a wonderful group of volunteers throughout the country who work alongside social workers and a range of community partners to ensure babies and their families are supported through their first year of life, and beyond. Baby packs are assembled and distributed consisting of pre-loved, new, handcrafted and repurposed essentials from books to clothing, toys, nappies and bedding. Their most urgent need right now is in the Gisborne, Tairawhiti region where a large number of families have been displaced or adversely affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.


We are currently working closely with agencies on the ground to help provide essentials to families in need. At this time, some of the most urgent are the families with babies displaced and adversely affected in areas worst hit by Cyclone Gabrielle. There are plenty of ways for you to help us support these families.
  • You can help by donating your freshly washed, pre-loved sleeping bag (of any brand) which will offer another baby a safer, warmer sleep.
  • Or you can donate through our website to contribute towards a new bag which we will facilitate distribution of through various agencies we are partnered with.

Prepare your sleeping bag

Package up your freshly washed sleeping bag along with a note including your name, email address and reference 'Bags of Love'.

Help a baby in need

Send your sleeping bag to our hub, 106 Main Street, Greytown, 5712 and we will donate it to a baby in need through a certified charity.