What is the difference between sleeping bag weights

What is the difference between sleeping bag weights

There’s no better feeling than watching our little sleepers wrapped up and soundly snoozing.

For a while now, sleeping bags have become the answer for many parents looking for the perfect sleep solution. Sleeping bags offer the flexibility to modify a baby’s sleeping environment by using different textile weights.

At Merino Kids, our Go Go Sleeping Bags are available in three weights, Standard, Duvet and Winter which are individually crafted to ensure the perfect sleeping temperature. However, if you’re new to the world of baby sleeping bags, we’ve listed all you need to know including what our weights mean, the differences they offer and why using sleeping bags are super important in aiding your little one’s quality of sleep.


Sleep is an essential part of your baby’s routine (they won’t do much else in the first few months) so making sure they are safe and comfortable will offer you and your little one important rest periods. More specifically, your little one’s sleep temperature plays an enormous factor in assuring they rest well.

Many experts recommend an optimum room temperature of 16-20֯C, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) but for little ones under 12 months, maintaining their optimum temperatures can be more sensitive.


When searching for the perfect baby sleeping bag weight, it’s important to note that depending on need, the thicker weight of the bag will be the outer, as the lining of all our baby sleeping bags is 100% superfine merino.

Picking the right weight for your little one will also depend on the climate you live in and the time of year you’re shopping for. It’s handy to have a few different sleeping bags to hand in varying sizes so you can cycle them throughout the year, along with spares to account for any night-time accidents. The beauty of merino wool sleeping bags is that it boasts naturally temperature-regulating properties, so it’s even more versatile to use throughout varying climates.

For a general guide on how to layer in accordance with room temperature and merino, discover our complete temperature guide.


Our Merino Kids Go Go Bag is an international award-winning baby and toddler sleeping bag. It has been designed with the safety and comfort of your little sleeper in mind and is made with all natural fibres; a super soft, superfine merino lining and organic cotton (or linen) outer.

Each Go Go Bag has been crafted in accordance with ideal temperature conditions, featuring a thicker lining for colder, wintry climates and similarly, a lighter lining for warmer environments. Each weight is available in sizes 3-24m and 2-4y so they’re all super-roomy for little sleepers. In addition, all our Go Go Bags possess the amazing qualities of merino wool; naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it kind for babies with sensitive skin or eczema.

Our weights are listed as below in order of lining thickness, from Standard, Duvet to Winter.

ALL SEASONS (Standard Weight)

Best for room temperatures between 18-30°C

Merino Kids Go Go Bag Linen Bee

Our Standard Weight Go Go Bag range features one layer of merino wool fabrics with an organic cotton outer that provides insulation and durability. The collection also includes our linen-lined bags which are a plant-based fabric. Linen has many great properties and qualities such as abrasion resistance, hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating – perfect for keeping cooler in the warmer months.

Plus, in combination with the natural abilities of our wonder wool, your little sleepers' temperature is completely regulated, keeping them in the ideal sleeping environment. The Standard Weight Go Go Bag collection features the largest range of our most-loved designs, including Stripe, Foraging Friends, Sheep, Linen and Bee Linen.

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Best for room temperatures between 15-20°C

Merino Kids Duvet Weight Go Go Bags Hanging

Our Duvet Go Go Bag possesses the same natural abilities of our wonder wool that helps regulate your little sleeper’s environment for those cooler nights.

Made with 100% natural fibres of superfine, a 200gsm merino lining that helps regulate babies’ temperature and a double layer of organic cotton outer that provides insulation and durability.

The Duvet Go Go Bag collection features a selection of our most-loved designs, including Stripe and Foraging Friends.

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Best for room temperatures between 12-18°C

Merino Kids Winter Go Go Bag

Our Winter Go Go Bag will keep your little one super snug and warm. With a 200gsm merino lining and an organic cotton wadding and outer that provides insulation and durability, this thicker fabric keeps them cosy but also helps regulate temperature.

Similarly made with our merino wool, little sleepers will stay perfectly cosy during those colder months.

The Winter Go Go Bag collection features an exclusive design, Quilted Riverstone.

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While our Go Go Bags are designed for little ones 3m+, our Cocooi Sleeping Bags have been designed especially for little sleepers from newborn to 3 months. Like our Go Go Bags, the Cocooi Sleeping Bag range complies with British Standard BS EN 16781:2018, so you can rest assured nap time is peaceful and completely safe.

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